Burrito Project Toronto is a food justice campaign launched by ARK II in order to promote food justice and security in Toronto, while acknowledging and acting against the systemic animal, environmental, and socio-economic problems inherent in our current food system.

Burrito Project Toronto Goals:

  • Prepare and directly serve burritos.
  • Expand our volunteer, support and user network through tabling, social media, presentations and coalition-building.
  • Create, collaborate, and facilitate workshops on food preparation, creating and maintaining food gardens (personal and community), and the socio-economic disparity of the local food system.
  • Establish a dialogue with various communities, such as marginalized groups, migrant workers’ advocates, anti-poverty initiatives, student groups,  food security and justice organizations, and more, to address systemic causes of food disparity and hunger in Toronto.
  • Engage in municipal political process through campaigns, deputations and demonstrations.

For more information, read our About page or contact us!